Assam: 1,339 persons under home quarantine in Hailakandi

Market areas, offices sprayed with disinfectant



The number of persons under home quarantine has gone up to 1339 with 29 quarantined on Sunday in Hailakandi district of Assam.

Strict surveillance and monitoring are being carried out and health workers are visiting the quarantined homes to see whether the inmates are following the guidelines or not.

Police is enforcing the lockdown across the district and keeping a strict vigil so that there is no violation. Hailakandi looked like a ghostly town with a eerie silence prevailing in the usually bustling town.

Constant miking is being done by the police and DIPRO across the district and announcement also made over the fixed loud speakers asking the people to remain indoors and to follow the lockdown guidelines for their own safety to thwart the Coronavirus menace.

Assam: 1,339 persons under home quarantine in Hailakandi

In towns across the district, sanitation workers and personnel from the Fire and Emergency Services have begun spraying down all market places, including Herbertganj, Katlicherra and Panchgram. Fire tenders filled with low-concentration bleach-and-DDT-water solutions drove through the streets.

Disinfectant of the Deputy Commissioner’s office and campus and other offices are being carried out to stop Coronavirus from spreading.

Instructions are being given to the groceries and vendors to maintain hygiene and social distancing and provide hand washing facility to the customers and employees of the shops.

The administration also asked the groceries to engage minimum staff to run their shops and to display prominently the stock position as well as prices of essential commodities failing which it warned of stringent action as per provisions of law.

New public announcement systems have been installed at Herbertganj market, one in front of Sadar Police Station and Lakshmi Sahar by the Office of DIPRO with the help of district administration and APDCL so that people get to know the instructions from the government and administration during the lockdown period. The public announcement system would also be extended to other places.

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