Cell Phones – Nesting China Virus?

when a COVID-19 positive person is using a mobile phone handset, he is holding the most contaminated item in his hands.

Sumona Ganguly    ( writer is a active blogger  )

Cell Phones – Nesting China Virus?–  Its been 5 months now that the world is grappling with the terror unleashed by this unprecedented virus attack by China. Deaths, more deaths and the count keeps soaring high. The countries across the world have started competing against each other and is struggling to retain its position lower than another. The news channels keep on blabbering the whole day on the virus and our stress levels keep increasing, forcing us to imagine as if the virus is at our door step, knocking and waiting for us to open the door. Well, it actually is…that’s why the request to stay at home, that’s why the compulsory lockdown imposed. 13 days have passed since India is struggling to remain indoors as economy goes southward.

Meanwhile as I review social media, I find many platforms reporting that over the last 3 months, China has lost over 21 million cell phone users. There could be two perspectives to it. One that China may have had their death counts crossed 21 million and second that their phones may have been confiscated and thrown or destroyed. Intriguing, is it?

What are the cell phones made of? Mostly plastic isn’t it? Research suggests that the China virus stays on plastic for atleast 72 hours. That means when a COVID-19 positive person is using a mobile phone handset, he is holding the most contaminated item in his hands. The virus is not air borne, it is rather droplet based. Hence, when an infected person is using the phone to speak, the spit particles from his mouth is going out and settling in the various nook & corners of the speakers, phone covers, screen guards and other phone paraphernalia. The mobile handset is actually closest to the mouth. Once settled, the virus is staying there, stuck in various types of surfaces, waiting for some innocent soul to pick it up and use. The handset is most frequently used item for dialing, talking, messaging, playing and all other tasks that a handset is capable of. It could be used by another family member, kids or the patient himself who is touching the phone, thus creating a conducive transit for the virus to get transmitted. Once he is using and keeping it somewhere, he is contaminating the entire environment around him. He might be shaking hands too, who know what happens in the house, isn’t it? Thus, a potential carrier may be transmitting this disease to one another while using the phone and making it the fastest transmitted disease.

It appears that the mobile phones have some role to play with this virus. It is the only consumer good that is in rapid use. Only telecommunications is the industry that’s working during this lockdown. The Chinese may have understood this which is why they are not sharing with the world. Wuhan is a province that has maximum mobile users and the spread I think may have happened because of this contamination through the mobile. The first thing the Chinese may have done is the moment they found one person positive, they have confiscated his mobile. And the mobile has been thrown, trashed and destroyed. China is a country which is famous for reusing condoms and they throwing away the phone is highly unlikely and unusual. There lies the catch. Or else where would 21 million user suddenly disappear if their claim to the number of death is accurate?

Questions? Confusions? Doesn’t it seem that the mobile handset has some role to play in this deadly pandemic outbreak? Actively or passively? Can’t it be that the handset is a acting as the potential carrier in spreading of the disease? May be the experts are at it, may be such observations are kept discreet.

But I just wonder if we Indians are thinking about it or not. The death toll increases by the day. As the dead bodies are carried out and cremated, where do their infected phones go? Back to their home? To their family? We are being advised to wash and sanitize our hands frequently but the cell phones? No advisory is being released on that from any sources. No one is suggesting to sanitize the mobile handsets. Are they homing the virus? Are they the nesting grounds? Did anyone hear that the phones are being confiscated or thrown away or destroyed after a patient has died due to COVID-19?

Panicked?? Don’t be…On a lighter note, imagine surviving all that unprotected sex only to die from an unprotected handshake or an infected phone…maybe.

It’s time for Yoga vs Kung Fu

It’s time for Swami Ji vs Sun Tzu

It’s time for Namaste vs Handshake

It’s time to see who wins…Truth or Deception.

And The War?…Continues.

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