Coronavirus crisis : Indian army distributes relief materials to fire victims, but maintained social distancing


After coronavrius outbreak, Social distancing is must for every one and every where. This was also seen at Goalpara where Indian Army men were distributing relief materials to the fire victims, but maintaining social distancing and wearing PPE to protect themselves from Coronavirus.  

Actually, Coronavirus out break has changed the life style as well as working style of every one. This is also the need of the hour to adopt ” social distancing ” in our life, to protect not only our self, but also to safe our family members, our neighbours and society as whole. 

On the night of 6-7 April, a massive fire charred a major portion of Singulipara village(Pt III) in Lakhipur of Goalpara dist. 40 families residing in around 100 houses were severely impacted having lost their entire belongings.  The village, located in the remote and inaccessible Char area, North of river Brahmaputra, also failed to receive timely relief due to the national lockdown.

On receiving the news, a Dhubri based unit of  Red Horns Division, reached out with ration to approx. 120 people of the families. Though providing 10kg basic ration to each of them will not compensate the massive loss incurred by the villagers, it will however provide some solace to the families in the difficult times of Corona Virus.

The humanitarian efforts of the Army in displaying solidarity to the distressed people, under the theme Har Kaam Desh Ke Naam, ensured the villagers of the constant support by the Army during any future crisis.

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