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By Sumona Ganguly    ( writer is a active blogger  )

Today’s India – Learning from Yesterday, Building A Global Tomorrow-   Into its 6th month, the global pandemic continues as the death toll rises across the continents. The Wuhan Virus or China Virus, diplomatically named Corona Virus may well herald days where we see countries joining hands to battle it out, after all it is the battle for the existence of mankind. The dreadful lockdown continues in various parts of the world even as the global economy plunges. Whether it was a deliberately unleashed or a planned business deal, the world will surely not agree that it’s an “Act of God”.

India was successful in showing restraint and adhering to the token “Janta Curfew” and has so far lived to see the 19th day of the National Lockdown. Yes, the economy has nose-dived, many are scared about the future as it may worsen. We may see more deaths, more job losses and rise in suicides. Two more weeks added on and we may see the chain of this dreaded synthetic lab created China Virus break. As Indians we have proved, time and again, that we can stay united. The enthusiastic participation of the citizen on the much hooted “Thali Bajao” and “Diya Jalao” events, at the call of our PM, has ensured, that how much cynicism it may invite, we can, as a Nation, stand to prepare ourselves for any worst case scenarios. No, the events have not shooed away the virus, but it has given us confidence that we can restrain ourselves, practice discipline and focus on a way out.

Don’t you think, atleast now, the sharp Indian brains are busy seeking solution in case there is a grid failure at a national level or most of us have discovered the main switch of our building at a domestic level? I feel this 9 min darkness could also be a token of what may come in the future. When was it the last time that India witnessed a black out at the ring of a siren? While China is being pushed into isolation slowly by various countries, aggression slowly rises across the globe. If we are to believe what China claims, that they are on the way to recuperating from the deadly attack, we must also believe that they have the cure to it. And if they don’t share the cure, will the other countries plan to snatch it? India with its important geo-strategic location has a pivotal role to play if that happens. I am forced to think if Indians would anymore fear the long term blackouts in case the big brothers decide to battle it out.

Let’s not forget, we Indians, some 10,000 years ago knew that Earth is round while we called geography as Bhu-Gol and as “Jagat”, it moves around the sun. We excelled in astronomy without a telescope. When Europe was using bow and arrow for hunting around, we Indians were distilling zinc and making rust proof iron. From the Mahabharat times, we knew “Pi”=3.17 upto its 31 decimal places and encrypted it in the “Katapayadi Sloka”.

Do you realize that from the infamous famine of 1966-67, when we were in a “Ship to Mouth” situation, we are now the second largest producer of food in the world? We have done it, We are Indians.

Do you understand what it means to be at the 6th position in the world as the owner of $8.2 trillion private wealth reserve, and yet be called a “Poor Country”? It’s time for the Indians to pay back the insult.

Do you remember how after Sikkim’s devastating earthquake in 2011, when international experts declared it would take 6 weeks to open the road from Siliguri to Gangtok, BRO took just 19 hours? We Indians are the best, “Maybe Next Best To God”.

Don’t forget we Indians have survived Cyclone Phailin, a cat 5 Hurricane in 2013, Cyclone Fani, a cat 4 Hurricane in 2019, the deadly Kerala Floods of 2019 and along with nearly 1,000 nationals of 41 countries, we evacuated our own people from Yemen in 2015 – yes, WE have been there, done that…without anybody’s help. Alone.

As one of my learned friend said – “This Corona virus is something akin to “Rakhtabeej”. Every droplet touching you by design or otherwise infects you. If you draw corollary it’s eerily similar. We need a “Maha Kali Maa” antidote to kill this modern demon”.

Can we think that this Hydroxychloroquine will be a game changer? Will the intelligent India create an antidote or a vaccine to fight against this lab created Frankenstein? India has approved the first list of 13 countries that are set to receive covid-fighting drugs from India, including the anti-malaria drug, hydroxychloroquine or HCQ. The first list includes 13 countries — US, Spain, Germany, Bahrain, Brazil, Nepal, Bhutan, Afghanistan, Maldives, Bangladesh, Seychelles, Mauritius and the Dominican Republic. And India will also be exporting a total of 430 million tablets of “Paracetamol”. All this at a “No Profit” rate…Do you understand the strategy behind all this?

My dear Indians, let’s not be ashamed of our own culture and tradition…our India is a land of saints, pranayam, meditation, yoga and science through spirituality.

We must allow the intelligent brains of India to help us out. Hence, be calm, be patient, maintain communal harmony, don’t panic and follow the instructions of the administration strictly.

This too shall pass and the “Young India” will emerge as a Global Leader.

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