Assam: Northeast Women Leaders Conference 2021 to be held in 11, 12 June

GUWAHATI-   The Northeast Women Leaders Conference 2021 (Virtual) is scheduled to be held from the 11th to 12th June 2021. The platform is created especially for the women community and youths to create a change in Northeast India, informed Minakshi Kemprai, the founders of this conference.

This year, for the first time they are introducing different speakers & panelists from different fields of work. The idea is to create a sense of energy among the young generation that they can achieve whatever they want in life, Minkashi informed.

She further informed that ” From Entertainment to Beauty Pageant to Civil Service to Businesses to Politics and much more, they have it all. The North East has never witnessed such a get-together of speakers and is excited to become a part of this process of empowerment of young girls.


Northeast Women Leaders is a collaborative platform. It is the first-ever conference in the region which is not just limited to the conference but also a blended holistic & futuristic approach with a leadership program within the 2 days of the scheduled conference, informed .

The participants will not just be participants, each one of them will be a changemaker who will make future differences. As the participants come from diverse age group, academic background, different states, professional and socio-economic background, it’s a mission to #EmpoweringYouth.

“This year, as we all are going through a difficult time. Many people lost the lives of their loved ones. Covid 19 pandemic affected millions of lives. But it doesn’t mean that our growth & learning will stop. We at NEWL are trying our best to give quality online education and most importantly a VOICE to all the Northeast Youth” said Minakshi.

The founders of this conference are a sibling duo who are both skilled in their profession. Minakshi Kemprai, 25 years old, is a Woman Entrepreneur and Founder & Director of Hill Panda which is a T-shirt printing & designing brand, and Deso Kemprai, 18 years old, is the very first individual who’s pursuing a major in psychology & minor in nutrition from his tribal community, Dimasa. He is a mental health advocate and already featured in regional & national media. Deso at such a young age is the Chief Operational Officer at Hill Panda.

“Our theme is specially aimed to use the online digital platform which can not only make the best use of social media but also, a positive impact on people’s mental health, they said.

Our participants will be guided to use their voices socially and digitally to make awareness throughout the conference. They will be surely inspired and motivated by our keynote speakers, guests, and panelists’ journey and victories. We are ready & super excited to welcome all the budding conscious leaders and change makers to shape them for tomorrow’s challenges.”, from Team NEWL 2021.



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