Assam: Dreams, Passions and Professions- Read the views of Ms. Maramee Das

Guwahati-  Ms. Maramee Das, Deputy Superintendent of Police, CID HQ, Guwahati addressed the students during the ongoing 14 days UG Orientation Programme, on ‘The Importance of Sports in our Lives’. Held online, she, along with the students and parents attending the event was welcomed by Prof.S.P.Singh, Vice Chancellor, RGU. A keen sportsman himself, Prof. Singh encouraged the students to reap maximum benefits from the facilities offered by RGU and also learn from the speaker and her experiences. Adventure Clubs are on the anvil and he enthused all to join them.

Ms. Maramee Das, encouraged the students to always hold on to their dreams, while simultaneously striking a balance between passion and profession, identified herself as a passionate sportsperson and a professional police woman. This Ms. Das believed would help the Royalites gain a sense of clarity and purpose in life. Stressing on the importance of sports on physical and mental health in leading a balanced life, she persuaded students to make the most of the challenges faced, and convert them into opportunities, as problems invariably arrive with solutions.

Reminding students that intensity of problems as challenged are only confined to our levels of perception, she highlighted how even the COVID-19 pandemic which that put the entire world on a halt briefly, has had negligible effect on the psychology of sportspersons owing to their mental and physical fitness.


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