Assam: Hope for Children staffs carried out Covid-19 vaccination awareness program

TINSUKIA-    “Hope for Children” is an NGO cum Community Development Program of Believers Eastern Church, based at 8 No. Doomduma, took out an awareness program on Covid-19 vaccination today.

The team went to several villages in and around Dholla and Doomdooma areas to aware people about the importance of Covid-19 vaccination so that people may save themselves and others from Corona virus.

During the campaign, the staffs of “Hope for Children” have carried out the door to door awareness on vaccination and also distributed leaflets on Covid-19 and vaccine.

They have distributed around 1500 leaflets and got a privilege to share about the importance of safety measures against Covid-19 by giving awareness on maintaining the government issued guideline and SoPs, and urged people to save themselves and others by vaccinating themselves, informed Mr. Ritu Tamang the Regional Coordinator of Hope for Children, Doomdooma.


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