Assam: Indian Army organises veterinary & medical camp at kokrajhar

KOKRAJHAR-   Committed to the welfare of the people in remote areas, Red HornsDivision of lndian Army organised a Veterinary and Covid-19 Medical Assistance Camp for the locals of the remote village  Bannyaguri, Kokrajhar district, Assam on 30 Jan 21


The aim of the camp was to provide basic medical support and alleviate the hardships being faced by the locals with regards to the availability of medical amenities during the COVID-19 pandemic. A large number of local people including women, children and elderly received medical care and assistance during the camp.

The medical camp addressed health concerns of the locals as well as their livestock. The initiative of the Army was highly appreciated by the locals. Around 200 locals and  100 livestock were benefited from the  camp.


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