Assam: Indian Railways cancelled all passenger train services In the wake of COVID-19

Guwahati- In continuation of the measures taken in the wake of COVID-19, the Indian Railway cancelled  of all passenger train services till 17th May 2020.

Accordingly, all trains including long-distance, Intercity, local passenger and Narrow Gauge trains will remain cancelled till the 24-00 hrs of 17.05.2020. So, all passenger carrying trains coming towards N.F. Railway and originating from N.F. Railway will also remain cancelled. No journey tickets are being issued to the passenger for travel and so no one should come to Railway Station.

However, the movement of migrant workers, pilgrims, tourists, students, and other persons stranded at different places will be carried out by the Shramik special trains, as required by the State Governments, in terms of the guidelines issued by MHA.

These special trains will be run from point to point on the request of both the concerned State Governments as per the standard protocols for sending and receiving such stranded persons. Any stranded person who wants to travel should contact the State Government authority only.

Moreover, Freight and Parcel train operations will remain continue, as at present.

At this point of time of crisis faced by the nation, all officials of the Indian Railways are committed to serve our fellow Indians and seek everyone’s support and cooperation.


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