Assam: Silchar Policemen beat up Doctor

Doctor Shared photo on Twitter, crying for justice

GUWAHATI-  A doctor was allegedly beaten up by police men in Silchar when he was returning his home town ( Silchar ) with a valid travelling document from the district administration where he is posted.


Dr Indadul Mazumdar,  who is in charge of Kharupetia BPHC, in Darrang district and with due permission from DC Darrang district he was travelling in his private car to his home in Silchar.

While  he was stopped at a check post at Pailapool Chariali,   he introduced himself as doctor and produced all the valid documents and travelling pass issued from the District Administration but he was surprised  when the policeman caught his collar and slapped him.

Following the incident Mazumdar posted on twitter a photo of his injured hand, claiming that he was thrashed by the police.  He tagged his tweet to Chief Minister of Assam, DGP of Assam Police and  other senior officers and asked them for to Justice.

Read the painful story of the doctor, which he has described on his twitter handle .

“I was stopped by a team of policemen at Pailapool Chari-Ali. As part of the police enquiry, with all due cooperation, I stated my case and introduced myself as a doctor on duty, who is traveling with a permission letter from the DC office. To this, I was caught by my collar and Pulled out of my car. One of the policemen introduced himself as SDPO and told me what if you’re a doctor, do you know who am I and slapped me. Before I could understand anything from this repose of the police team, a brutal assault had begun with lathis on me and my driver “.

I was also taken to Lakhipur police station and was threatened to be detained under a framed charge of obstructing police from their duty. I was made to verbally apologize before I was released from the police station. As I write this, I am extremely traumatized by the incident.

With the physical and mental injuries that I suffered, I am not sure when I will be fit and able to perform my duties as a doctor and contribute to the fight against the COVID pandemic. As I find myself disturbed, weak, and helpless. I am seeking justice with all your help.


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