Assam: Tackling COVID-19, flood my top priorities, says Megha Nidhi Dahal, DC Hailakandi


Hailakandi-  New Deputy Commissioner of Hailakandi, Megha Nidhi Dahal said tackling COVID-19 and flood situation are the top priorities of his administration.

Spelling out his priorities, Dahal, who assumed office on Saturday, said one of his priorities is how to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in the district. He said basic preparations are on to set up isolation wards in hospitals and institutional quarantine facilities in certain areas, which he termed as main focus area of the administration.

The Deputy Commissioner said the need of the hour is to generate awareness on maintaining social distancing, hygiene and regular washing of hands to contain the virus. “The only solution to prevent the virus from spreading is generating awareness on maintaining social distancing, less mixing up with people and regular hand washing,” said Dahal, adding, “One must not develop the wrong notion that COVID-19 would not affect me. The virus does not spare anyone and would infect anyone if proper precautions are not taken.”

He said the administration is taking steps to avoid crowding by making arrangement for alternate opening of shops and not allowing people to enter big shops at a time.

Dahal urged the people to inculcate good hygienic practices and to maintain social distancing at public places and at villages and homes as ‘social distancing norms hold the key in the fight against COVID-19’.

He said along with the lockdown the government has started certain activities and the administration would facilitate these activities as a prime focus area.

The Deputy Commissioner said that the government has allowed inter-state movement of stranded people so that they can return homes and the administration too would facilitate the same. However, he termed it as a challenging task in conducting medical check-ups and screening of the incoming people and to put them under quarantine to ensure everything is fine.

Dahal made an impassioned plea to the people under home quarantine to follow the rules and regulations and not to violate them for their own well being and safety and that of others. In the same breathe, he said those who feel that they have come from an infected place, they must go in for self-quarantine as a precautionary step and to cooperate fully with the authorities.

He said the administration is giving top priority to the community surveillance program being carried out by health functionaries in all villages across the district to help identify persons with not only COVID-19 but also severe acute respiratory infections and influenza-like illnesses.

Dahal urged the people to cooperate with the health workers during screening and taking of swab or blood samples while they visit their homes so that timely medical care and treatment can be provided.

Dahal said another priority of his administration is to make proper assessment of the preparations to tackle the flood situation as ‘the rainy season is fast approaching’.

It may be mentioned that the Deputy Commissioner reviewed the flood preparedness in a meeting with senior officials of the administration, Circle Officers and heads of concerned departments here on Sunday.


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