Assam: wear mask or face action- Hailakandi police

Hailakandi police realised Rs.60,000 on a single day.

Hailakandi-  The Hailakandi district police of Assam came down heavily on those not wearing masks or face cover on Wednesday.

Superintendent of Police, Pabindra Kumar Nath disclosed that Rs.60,000 has been realised from people not wearing masks or face cover on a single day across the district.

Of the total amount, Hailakandi Police Station realised Rs.11,500, Algapur PS Rs.6,000, Katlicherra PS Rs.4,500, Lala PS Rs.21,500, Panchgram PS Rs.6,000 and Ramnathpur PS Rs.10,500 from the offenders by way of fines.

“In the greater interest of public safety, Hailakandi district police was constrained to become ruthless in collecting fine at the rate of Rs 500 each from people of various categories who brazenly defied the government’s standing order by not wearing masks or face cover even after repeated warnings,” said Nath.

The district police chief said that the drive would be further intensified in the greater interest of keeping the people at large away from the novel coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic.

Nath appealed to those segments of society who are still not wearing masks or face cover to fall in line for their own safety and for their near and dear ones. “We are up against an invisible force that has wreaked havoc globally and the best way to deal with it is to wear mask or face cover and to maintain social distancing.

Sooner those sections of society who are not paying heed to the repeated warnings must realise that what they are doing is fraught with serious consequences not only for themselves but also for their dear and dear ones,” quipped Nath.

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