Assam: Webinar on ‘Entrepreneurship – Dare to Dream’ held at RGU 


Guwahati- A webinar on ‘Entrepreneurship – Dare to Dream’ was held with Mr.Namit Bajoria of ‘Kutchina’ brand,  on 24 July 2020. Dr.A.K.Pansari, Chancellor, Royal Global University (RGU), Prof. (Dr.) S.P.Singh, Vice-Chancellor, Dean’s, faculty, staff  and students attended the webinar, moderated by Ms.Banani D Hazarika, Asst.Prof., Royal School of Languages.

Dr.Pansari, featured amongst the top 50 leaders of India, who can revive Indian education, in EducationWorld India’s magazine, June 2020, was humility personified on his take on creating entrepreneurs and not job seekers to help humanity in all aspects, as he himself has stopped the exodus of students from Northeast by establishing the Royal Knowledge Park.

He also praised Mr.Namit Bajoria’s perseverance to pursue his dreams on ‘Kutchina’ and collect ‘good karmas’ by providing the best kitchens for women. Prof.Singh, reminiscing his family entrepreneur legacy, spoke on how prioritizing and disbursing impediments, he joined his first love ‘of teaching’. He stated that at times, one may have to forgo one’s own ambition to give direction to a family business and make it self-reliant before venturing out in pursuit of a passionate dream.

He also stated that faculty must bring in consultancy and enhance the educational community with expertise and out of box knowledge. Addressing students, he expressed his ardent belief on self motivation, commitment, and integrity as focal points for growth in any sector. COVID Times has opened up new avenues to redefine skills and its implementations; self rely on one’s own logic, research and perspectives and never ever lose sight of the goal.

Mr. Bajoria, CII member, a first generation entrepreneur and philanthropist, humbled by his failed attempts at varied businesses, stated ardently the importance of dreams and being led by it to achieve success. He recollected the important parallel aspects of education and business management to fortify one’s faculty of being a future entrepreneur. He had joined his father to assist him in his family business but his dream to create a niche entrepreneurship took him through a road of struggles, re-engineering his thought processes, actions, re-inventing business strategies to new world demands and most importantly, imbibing the dictum in self of ‘customer comes first’.

He stressed the need of uniqueness of thought process; value addition and leadership based on coaching. To be a successful entrepreneur, he believes in his dreams, overcoming failures and combating comfort zone. Leading a successful brand in Eastern India, he fortified his strength that the success of a company depends on sensing opportunities, product USP for customer convenience, creating a customer centric organization, team building and expansion through delegation.

He emphatically stated that a true entrepreneur is a person who risks his own money for freedom rather than exchanging their freedom for money. In his company, the highest designation is for the customer and then comes others. ‘Sharpening one’s axe’ and re-invention, especially during COVID Times is of paramount importance to venture out into newer greener pastures, not previously available pre COVID. His ‘Kutchina’ brand has provided varied products for simplifying the grinding kitchen work across India and abroad; and keeps re-inventing/upgrading his products for customer satisfaction and retention.

He further stated that to be a successful businessman, one has to visit exhibitions and learn from scratch to. His Harvard University exposure stood him in good stead and vied for formal education with practical exposure. He concluded that it is only a motivated and loyal team that can make or mar an entrepreneur.


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