Coronavirus crisis: India to be under complete lockdown for 21 days- PM Modi

New Delhi

While addressing the nation about the pandemic of  the novel coronavirus, COVID-19, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday announced that entire India will be locked down for the next 21 days from midnight tonight.

No doubt, it will be affect the nation, the Prime Minister said. “But saving the life of every Indian is my first priority, as it is for the Government of India, as well as state governments,” the PM said.

“I request you to stay wherever you are. The lockdown shall remain for 21 days,” he added.

He added, “In a crisis, all Indians come together to combat it. You all need to be admired for successfully executing the Janta Curfew.”

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Adding that the world’s most empowered nations have become helpless in the face of this pandemic. “It is not that these nations are not making any efforts nor do they lack resources. But the virus is spreading so rapidly, that despite all their efforts, the virus continues spreading. Experts are saying that social distancing is the only option to battle coronavirus.”

If we have to spread corona, we have to break the cycle of infection. “Some people are under the misconception that social distancing is only for people suffering from COVID-19. It is for every citizen, every family and for every family member. It is also for the prime minister. This irresponsible attitude can risk the lives of family members, friends, and the nation,” the prime minister said, adding that this could impact the country greatly and we cannot even fathom how bad it can be.

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