Coronavirus in Assam: Borjurai village declared containment zone in Hailakandi

"The containment measures will shut down everything barring essential services,"......



Following the Coronavirus ( COVID-19 ) positive case, the Hailakandi district administration of Assam has declared the Borjurai village as containment zone to arrest further spread of the virus with immediate effect.

In an order issued to this effect by Deputy Commissioner, Keerthi Jalli late evening on Tuesday under the Assam COVID-19 Containment Regulation, 2020, the village where the COVID-19 infected person resided has been sealed with strict perimeter control enforced in the containment zone demarcating clear entry and exit points.

“The containment measures will shut down everything barring essential services,” the order stated.

The order that came into force at 11.45 pm on Tuesday, enforced quarantine of the contained area together with proper sanitisation protocol strictly adhered to.

It further prohibits mass gatherings and meetings in containment as well as buffer zone till the area is declared free from the virus.

Vehicles and persons engaged in essential services entering and exiting the containment zone are being sanitised as per protocol.

The order called for ensuring social mobilisation activities with the principles of social distancing among the population in the containment zone.

Deputy Commissioner Jalli asked Superintendent of Police, Pabindra Kumar Nath to mobilise community policing and to activate village defence parties (VDP) in the containment zone and to prevent rumours, myths and any stigmatisation. Jalli also asked Nath to deploy adequate security personnel for enforcing the containment protocols.

On Tuesday late hours of the evening, authorities of Silchar Medical College and Hospital (SMC&H) informed that Foijul Hoque Barbhuiya of Hailakandi tested positive for COVID-19.

Borbhuiya, aged 65, who returned to Hailakandi from Saudi Arabia and attended the Markaz at Nizamuddin in Delhi was put under home quarantine with five other members of his family by the health authorities here on March 18.

Joint Director of Health Services, Hailakandi, Dr.RC Dwivedy said the swab sample of Borbhuiya was sent to SMC&H on April 5.

On being tested positive, IDSP team shifted him to SMC&H late night on Tuesday.

The health authorities here are collecting the swab samples of family members of the COVID-19 patient.

Tracking of persons with whom Borbhuiya came into contact before testing positive is on.

Meanwhile, 1,582 persons are under home quarantine with 11 more quarantined on Wednesday. Five persons are under mass quarantine facility while three are in isolation ward of SK Roy Civil Hospital. Of the 60 samples taken, 45 tested negative


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