Meghalaya: Over 70 BSF personnel donate plasma after beating covid-19

BSF Personnel who are cured from Covid-19 have come forward voluntarily to donate plasma for a noble cause of  saving precious  lives.

Shillong:   The COVID-19 pandemic is a well defined global health crisis of this era and it is the greatest challenge we are facing  today.  BSF too is not left untouched by the its ambit but despite it BSF has come  forward with the spirit of serving the Nation and humanity, BSF has  undertaken a drive to motivate its personnel recovered from COVID-19 to donate their plasma showing that they are real ‘first line of defence’ in every sense.

Giving practical shape to the campaign, a Plasma Donation Camp is organized on 11 September by the BSF Meghalaya Frontier in collaboration with the State Health Department and NEIGRIHMS at Umpling BSF Camp Shillong where plasma screening of  70 recovered personnel of BSF Meghalaya Frontier was done, their plasma will be  tested at NEIGRIHMS and then there convalescent plasma will be taken for treatment of others.

On this occasion, Dr P Bhattacharjee, Director NEIGRIHMS said tha,t it is difficult to find eligible plasma donors but here we have got so many volunteers at one place which is a boon in fighting against this pandemic. He further told that, BSF has promised to provide as many donors as required in futurealso. Present there Dr A C Bharadwajan, DIG/MS of CH thanked all the volunteers who have come forward for the noble cause. He also thanked state government and team of NEIGRIHMS.

Talking to media persons, Shri U K Nayal, DIG/PRO of BSF Meghalaya Frontier said, BSF Personnel who are cured from Covid-19 have come forward voluntarily to donate plasma for a noble cause of  saving precious  lives. The contribution of BSF Officers & Jawans will be cherished and written in history with golden letters. BSF has also set an example by delivering ration, medicines, mask and sanitizer to needy people of bordering area across the Meghalaya during lockdown. The example set by the BSF personnel will not only boost the morale of those who are still under treatment, but also give a ray of hope and confidence to the people of Meghalaya.

He also told that, BSF Battalions are also helping civil administration and NGOs in relief work with an aim to contain the burgeoning of the virus. It is our duty to help most vulnerable among the border population and BSF is determined to continue its efforts. BSF is in constant touch with civil administration and projecting demands of border villagers to them. We hope that combined effect of technology and benevolence will result as a solace to all, he added.


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