Mizoram Minister Undergoing Covid-19 Treatment Lauded for Mopping Hospital Floor

AIZAWL-   Mizoram’s power and electricity department minister R Lalzirliana was on Friday seen mopping the floors of a hospital, where he is undergoing treatment for COVID-19 along with his wife and son. The minister’s action was not to embarrass medical staff or authorities but to set an example for others.


He said sweeping and mopping the floors are not new to him as he used to do such chores at his homes and other places.

“My motive in mopping the floors was not to embarrass the nurses or doctors but I want to educate and lead others by setting an example,” Lalzirliana told reporters.

He said that he called the sweeper as their room was messy. But, the sweeper could not come and respond to his call, which prompted him to do the job himself, he said.

“Sweeping, mopping the floors or performing household chores are no new jobs to me. I used to do it at home and other places when it is required to do so,” the minister said, adding that he did not keep himself above others for being a minister.

The incident was soon shared on Twitter by a journalist called Anupam Bordoloi, who wrote, “And there are politicians like R Lalzirliana, the power minister of #Mizoram, who was seen mopping the floor of the Covid ward where he is recovering after testing positive.”


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