Mizoram to lift complete lockdown from Aizawl Municipal Corporation areas

AIZAWL-   The Mizoram government on Friday decided to lift a complete lockdown from Aizawl Municipal Corporation areas to enable the resumption of economic activities. Curtailing the rising COVID-19 situation in state lockdown is crucial,  as “it will severely affect the state’s economy and livelihood of the poor.” The complete lockdown which was imposed in AMC areas since July 18 is scheduled to be lifted on Saturday.


Deputy Chief Minister Tawnluia had a meeting with senior officials and representatives of various political parties where it was agreed that stringent guidelines, allowing certain economic activities, be devised as a complete easing of lockdown is prudentially not suggestive in view of the rising COVID-19 cases in the state, the statement said.

Health Minister Dr. R. Lalthangliana informed the meeting that the state is now grappling with the worst COVID-19 surge although the state could somehow manage to deal with the first pandemic as cases have increased exponentially.

The health minister said around 4476 COVID-19 cases were reported in the state during the first wave, as many as 38333 cases have been detected in the ongoing second wave from April to August 5 this year. He further released the data and said that 1655 cases were reported in April, 6,268 in May, 8,093 in June, 18,433 in July, and 3,884 cases have been reported till August 5. Lalthangliana also said that vaccination drives will continue to be carried out in full swing across the state.

Mizoram on Friday reported 725 COVID -19 cases, pushing the state’s tally to 42808. At least 161 people have succumbed to the infection so far. The number of active cases now stands at 12511, while 30136 people have recovered from the infection, including 589 on Friday. The state has tested over 6.69 lakh samples for COVID-19 to date.


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