Nizamuudin Corona Case: Over 450 from Assam attended congregation

Covid-19 tests tomorrow


The Assam government is appealing to all of those who returned from religious congregation held in Nizammuddin which was turned into a hotspot of coronavirus ,  to self-report at hospitals or with the 104 helpline.

As per media report as many as 456 people from Assam took part in a religious congregation in Delhi’s Nizamuddin that’s now being linked to a cluster of coronavirus cases, the state government says.

Health Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma said he had ordered district officials to locate these individuals and immediately quarantine them.

Sarma said they would be tested tomorrow for the coronavirus, a previously unknown kind that causes a potentially fatal respiratory disease called Covid-19.

The Assam government is appealing to them to voluntarily report to the nearest hospital or call the 104 helpline.

Reports say many have returned to Assam, but a few are still in the Nizamuddin area.


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