Assam: “Breast Cancer, the spiked killer”-  Dr R Ravi Kannan

Guwahati- “Breast Cancer, the spiked killer” said Dr. R. Ravi Kannan (Padma Shri Awardee 2020), Surgical Oncologist and Director, Cachar Cancer Hospital and Research Centre, Silchar, who was speaking in a webinar organised by RGU on the topic ‘Raising Awareness on Breast Cancer: save the life of your loved one” in the presence of Prof.S.P.Singh, Vice Chancellor, Prof.A.K.buragohain, Chairperson-Academics, faculty, staff and students of Royal Global University on 28 October 2020.

Prof.Singh, elated that Dr.Ravi took out valuable time to address on a pertinent topic concerning both men and women, stressed the importance of a yearly health check for all women, with or without family history of Cancer. Awareness on detection and prevention of Breast Cancer should be widely conducted and all faculties should be used to avoid it. He advised the new generation to listen to the wise words of Dr.Kannan and implement the preventive measures.

Dr. Kannan threw light on the severity and rise of breast cancer; second most common cancer in the world; 1 in 22 women affected in urban areas; prevalence of breast cancer amongst nulliparous women; explained the various stages of breast cancer; discussed at length the different stages and cures available along with their limitations; upheld the valid role of online prediction tools regarding requirement of Chemotherapy in patients of cancer.

The renowned Surgical Oncologist upheld for his laudable efforts to increase the number of cases reported in the Barak Valley from 20% to 70%, mainly by providing alternate means of livelihood for relatives and care-givers of his patients stressed on the importance of Breast Self-Examination especially in countries like India where Mammography is unavailable adequately; explained the method of ‘Breast Self- Examination’.

The Padmashree awardee urged his audience to be mindful and remain alert even though Indians are known to not belong to the race of humans diagnosed to be prone to this form of cancer.


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