Turmeric is beneficial in treatment of TB- Experts

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Turmeric is beneficial in treatment of TB- American medical experts thinks that the disease TB that makes lungs, mind, bones of knees and backbone inactive can be cured by turmeric.

In whole world TB bacteria “ Mycobacterium tuberculosis” is growing rapidly which is not killed even by major medicines. Every year 10-15 lakh peoples are dying ll over the world. But now china and American experts says that tough TB can be cure and the medicine  is available in our kitchen only.

According to the Experts ,  the chemical  that gives colour to turmeric is having the capacity to destroy the bacteria of TB.  The Sarkyoman present in turmeric is one of the substances that have oxide quality and which has the capacity to destroy the bacteria. According to the research in America at Denver Veteran Affairs Medical Centre that Sarkyomam can destroy the bacteria of TB and this research will help in making new medicines.  The experts of the research of Medical Centre say that the sarkyoman helps TB to stop in human cells.

Turmeric is beneficial in treatment of TB- Medical SpecialistThe Other benefits of turmeric

  • Turmeric purifies your blood and softens your energy. Turmeric not only affects your body but it also affects your energy level. This purifies body, blood and energy parts. For your outer cleanliness put little turmeric in water and take bath,  you will find that your body will shine.
  • Having turmeric in empty stomach is very beneficial. After having cancer it may not be effective. But cancer cells and come out of body by eating Turmeric with neem in empty stomach.
  • The persons who have cold and found their nose block in morning, they should have neem, black pepper , honey and turmeric . They will find it beneficial. Grind 10 -12 black pepper and soak them with two spoon honey whole night( i.e 8-12 hours) and eat it in morning. It is good if you mix turmeric in honey. If you stop all the dairy products then naturally cough will be reduced.

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