Village “Piplantri” Where 111 Trees are Planted on the Birth of Girl Child

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In today’s developing country like India we still come across such news like killing of girl child In some villages still these traditions is going on of killing a girl child. Now we are going to tell one story and you will feel proud of that , It’s a story of one village of Rajasthan named “ Piplantri” where girls not thought as burden but  they celebrate the birth of a girl child by planting 111 plants.

This tradition was started when the daughter of one of the landlord Shyamsundar Paliwal died in small age. This tradition was started in 2006 and is still continuing with love for her. One of the popularity of this village is that from 7-8 years there is no case registered by police and thus the pipalantri panchayat was awarded as president award in 2004.


With this tradition from past 10 years till now many lakhs plants have been planted on the name of a girl. This step slowly started  as environment protection act. This is the promising story of this village which gives lesson to the states which practices killing of girl child and child marriage and give boon to life. Not only this but a dry are turned to green place and this  village changed the view of people regarding girls.


Not only by planting trees but these villagers also think for the better future of the girls by collecting donations, they have collected 21 thousand rupees and take 10,000 from the family of girl. The amount of Rs 31,000 is fixed in the bank account of girl till 20 years of girl. The guardians of the girl have to sign this promising letter and arrangement will be done for her better education. In this letter it is also written that the girl should be marriage at age of 18 years. No family members will be included in killing of girl child and they will have to take care of the plant which is planted on the birth of girl. 


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