Assam’s Rita in Mumbai hospital for sex change surgery


A 36-year-old Rita Devi, hailing from Hojai, Assam, has approached a Mumbai hospital for sex reassignment surgery. The doctors will perform a few tests on her to decide whether she is fit for surgery or not.

According to My Medical Mantra On Wednesday, July 25, Rita Devi  met the doctors from Mumbai’s state-run St George Hospital.

Rita is also facing the hormonal issues and wants to undergo the sex reassignment surgery.

Rita is  admitted to the St George hospital on Thursday and will undergo few tests, to know whether if she is physically fit for the surgery.

“I am born as a girl, but since my childhood, my appearance and emotions are like a boy. My brother and sisters got married, but I didn’t. I was confused and didn’t know what is happening to me. One fine day, I got to know about Lalita. So now, I am in Mumbai and will undergo a few tests for the sex reassignment surgery,” said Rita Devi.

She further added, “I was suffering from this since I was a child. Gradually, I came to know about this. In my village and state, no one is aware of the sex reassignment surgery. We have never heard of such a surgery. Then, I met a local social worker, who helped me to reach Mumbai.”

Talking to  My Medical Mantra Rita’s elder sister, Urmila,  said, “Rita had informed us (family) about her ordeal. However, as no one in the house is learned and we never took her problem seriously. When we heard and read about Lalita, we understood what my sister must be feeling. We are here to get more information about the sex reassignment surgery.”

A social worker from Assam, Prasonjeet Roy is helping Rita to fulfil her dreams. Prasonjeet has been accompanying Rita and her sister in Mumbai as well.

Prasonjeet Roy said, “A fortnight ago, Rita met me. Then, I called Dr Madhukar Gaikwad from St George hospital. As per doctor’s advice, we are here to undergo a few tests. There many people like Rita, who wish to undergo sex reassignment surgery. Because of the poor financial condition, they cannot afford it. I wish the social organisation will come in front to help these people.”

Medical Superintendent of St George Hospital, Dr Madhukar Gaikwad, while speaking to My Medical Mantra, said, “On Friday, July 25, we will admit Rita to the hospital, and will perform few tests on her. She will be counselled about the sex change operation as well. Then we will take a final decision about sex reassignment surgery.”


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