Romance in Sikkim : Visit Yuksom, Lachung, Yumthang Valley, Mount Katao

Every moment spent there becomes memorable.

Romance in Sikkim : We are giving you information about such places where couples often come to spend romantic time in the lap of nature. Every moment spent there becomes memorable. These places are Yuksom, Lachung, Yumthang Valley and Mount Katao.


Yuksom, located just 40 kilometers from Pelling, is a small town in Sikkim, known for its picturesque views, peaceful atmosphere and exciting trekking routes. Yuksom is a very good place for couples who do not like the crowd and want to spend their time in the shade of nature.

This place is one of the most wonderful places in Sikkim, where you can spend some romantic moments away from the hustle and bustle of the city lifestyle.

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You can enjoy nature tracking here. Apart from this, there are many places to visit in Yuksom. You can make your trip memorable by visiting places like – Historical Norbugang Park, Yuksom Bazaar, Tashi Tenka Palace, Kangchenjunga Waterfall, Money Hall, Karthok Lake etc.


This lovely village of Sikkim is situated at the confluence of Lachen and Lachung rivers at an altitude of 9,600 feet in North Sikkim adjacent to Tibet. These rivers go ahead and join Teesta river. It is situated at a distance of 125 km from the state capital Gangtok.

It is rated as the most beautiful village in Sikkim by the British traveler Joseph Dalton Hooker in The Himalayan Journal published in 1855. But even without that Joseph Dalton tag, the village is charming.

Although this village is very beautiful, but when snow falls, the beauty of this place increases to such an extent that it is difficult to describe it in words. That’s why there is an influx of tourists from all over the world.

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Here it is cold throughout the year, but if there is snow, then the beauty of this place gets a new dimension, whose photo you can decorate in your drawing room. That’s why people come here a lot even in the winter season.

Snow-capped peaks, waterfalls and silvery rivers fascinate the tourists visiting here. Lachung has a handloom center where local handicrafts can also be purchased.

The best time to visit Lachen is from November to June. During this the weather remains pleasant. Most of the couples come here at this time to relieve body tension and spend time in solitude.


Yumthang Valley also known as the “Valley of Flowers”, is a very beautiful place located about 140 km north of Gangtok in Sikkim. Situated at an altitude of 3564 metres, this stunning valley is a paradise for nature lovers as it houses the Shingba rhododendron sanctuary which houses more than 24 species of rhododendron flowers that bloom from February to mid-June. Where in winters Yumthang hills and vegetation are covered with snow and look no less than a white angel. On the other hand, the beauty of Yumthang Valley blossoms in the spring as if someone has put a colorful sheet over this valley.

Apart from roaming in the flower valleys, you can also spend your time in many wonderful places around Yumthang Valley. You can also visit beautiful places like Himalayan Zoological Park, Hanuman Tok and Tashi View Point.

You will feel very light by listening to the clear water flowing in the river of Yumthang and its sound. Some hot springs in the Yumthang valley, yak ride in the lush green meadows are the center of attraction for the visiting tourists.

If you want to spend time with your partner in the lap of nature, then Yumthang Valley is the perfect option for you. One more thing, due to being close to the China border, a permit has to be taken from the local authorities to visit here.


Located in North Sikkim, about 144 km from Gangtok and about 28 km from Lachung, Mount Katao is one of the most spectacular spots from where you can get panoramic views of the snow-capped peaks. It is an ideal destination for couples who love adventure sports. Here one can participate in activities like skiing, snowboarding and stone tubing. The valley is covered with exotic flora such as poppy, primrose and rhododendron.

However, you have to take permission from the army to reach the peak. The best time to visit Mount Katao is from March to June but the ideal time to enjoy the snow is from December to February.


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