Kohima- women arrested with heroin


The Excise department  has seized 100 grams of heroin, worth over 3 Lakhs in national market, from a Dimapur bound Taxi and arrested a woman in this connection.

According to a release issued by the Superintendent of Excise of Kohima Vikikhe Aomi, the Peducha check gate party acted on a tip-off and seized the heroin which was concealed in a soap case. In this connection, one woman identified as from Kuki community aged around 40 was arrested.

 The release said during preliminary investigation, the arrested woman revealed that she brought the consignment from Churachandpur in Manipur to sell it off at Dimapur.

It was informed that the woman purchased the drugs at Rs. 1.50 Lakh from Manipur and planned to sell it off at Rs. 2.30 Lakh in Dimapur.

Aomi has cautioned that there has been rise of women smugglers recently and added that the department was vigilant to curb any illegal activities.


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