Gurudongmar Lake: The most amazing place in Sikkim

The water of a part of this lake does not freeze even in severe winter.

GANGTOK-  Gurudongmar Lake is perhaps one of the most amazing places in all of Sikkim. This lake is the highest natural lake in the world, which is quite beautiful. People coming here call this lake as heaven. Gurudongmar Lake is spread over 290 acres. There are snow-capped mountain ranges around it. There are many such things about this lake, which can surprise you. Here are few facts about gurudongmar lake.

Lake water never freezes completely

The most interesting thing about Gurudongmar Lake is that this lake never freezes completely, even when the temperature drops to -20 degree Celsius. The lake is the main source of water for the local people. It is also a holy place, where Hindus, Buddhists and Sikhs come and go together. It is believed that when Guru Padmasambhava was returning from Tibet, the local people pleaded with him for a solution to their year-round water problem. After listening to the pleading of the people, he touched a part of the lake. It is said that this is why this lake never freezes.

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Magic power in the water of the lake

Many people living nearby believe that by drinking the water of this lake, women do not face any problem related to fertility. Although scientists have not proved this thing yet. There is also a temple next to the lake, where tourists can go and offer prayers. You will see brightly colored flags all around here, symbolizing the prayers of the people who come.


Difficulty in breathing due to high altitude

Gurudongmar Lake is situated at an altitude of 17,800 feet above sea level. It is one of the highest altitude lakes in the world. However, due to the high altitude, the tourists coming here have to face many problems. Most of the tourists do not reach this place many times. Either the landslide creates blockage or the oxygen level decreases. Due to the high altitude of this lake, people have difficulty in breathing. Due to this, most of the people could reach here. However, if you are thinking of going here, do not smoke or drink alcohol a day before leaving. Because this will increase your chances of getting sick.

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Here the wind shakes even the stone

Winds blow at a speed of 15kms per hour at this place. Due to the strong winds, it is very cold here. As the day passes, the wind speed also increases. It is believed that these winds also shake the stones around the lake. Gurudongmar is windy throughout the year. The wind speed increases here during winter.

Gurudongmar will be seen with flowers in April-May

If you are fond of seeing colorful flowers and yearning to see wild flowers, then come between April and May to visit Gurudongmar. At this time this place remains buzzing with colorful flowers. The temperature can also come below zero. Although you may have to face snow storm in the month of April.


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