Northeast Student’s protest March at Vadodara


A protest March was taken out on Thursday by the entire eight states of Northeast here at MSU head office , Vadodara against the racial discrimination faced by the Students of NE in the past days .

Students  taking part in the march shouted Slogans “WE WANT JUSTICE ”  “Nahi chalega nahi chalega Dada Giri nahi chalega”.

More than 200 students from the Entire NE gathered and submitted a Memorandum to VC of MSU and demanded some points to be fulfilled as soon as possible.

One of the participant wrote in his time lineNortheast Student's protest March at Vadodara

*Respected mainlands * ” Our eyes are small but that doesn’t mean that we are Chinese, we have a talent of speaking Nepali language but that does not prove we are Nepali.  We live in beautiful lands of mountains and Rivers but that doesn’t mean we are Junglees, we are Indian and we are proud to be .

Enough is enough , we won’t tolerate the discrimination against us in any part of the Country.


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