Eat Almond and stay away from fats

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Eat almonds and stay away from fats, yes we are not saying this,  it is proved in a research by American specialist that almonds not only make our brain sharp but also help in reducing weight.  After the research the experts of America University said every person to eat 40 gram of almonds everyday to get rid of fats.  The researchers says that including almonds in daily food can save from many medical problems because almond 

Eat Almond and stay away from fatsAlmond is beneficial for blood pressure

Almond is good for blood pressure.  According to research in the journal of radical,  it is found that by regular eating  almonds the alpha tokofaraul quantity in blood increases which are useful to maintain anyone blood pressure. In research it also come forward that eating almond regularly can help in bringing down the blood pressure. This is more beneficial for the person from 30-70 years of age. 

Benefits of wet almonds

Eating of soaked almonds overnight for children’s that are studying is more beneficial. The increase in sugar and insulin level can be stopped by eating almond after eating food. From which you can be save from diabetics. So, for what you are waiting start eating   

Eat Almond and stay away from fatsMake your heart healthy

According to report published in journal of Nutrition, almond is powerful antioxidant agent that helps in stopping the growth of LDL Cholesterol. This quality of almond helps keep healthy and saves full heart arteries and oxidetive stress. If you are suffering from any heart disease then include wet almonds in your diet.

Eating almonds helps in long age

According to the recent research the persons who eat regularly almonds live long. The research done under new England journal of medicine says that those people get more benefit that chew and eat almond. However  British heart foundation claimed that to prove the relation between peanuts and long age more research has to be done.  The American team has keep their eyes on 1,20,000 people for 30 years. at least death percent has reduced up to 20 percent among the people who regularly eating almond.

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