Only Congress can bring change in Nagaland says Therie

Peren ( Nagaland )

Nagaland Pradesh Congress Committee ( NPCC )  held its District Tour Programme for Peren District at Jalukie Town today. Addressing the public meeting, K. Therie, President, NPCC, elucidated on the present political situation in the state and said in the present situation, only the Congress can bring change.

He said Nagas have portrayed a bleak picture to the outside world by indulging in unabated corruption and power mongering leading to multiple defections inviting disqualifications, as seen recently in the state. Adding that even the elected Members themselves are in a state of confusion he said the present set cannot remove communalism, suppression and corruption thereby taking another opportunity to ruin Nagaland to perish together like fools.

Speaking on the Naga Political issue, Therie said that enough blood has been shed in the decades old journey and the need is urgent to solve the political problem. He said the Congress will continue to endeavour to solve the issue through peaceful means.

Therie also said that Peren District has potential to be developed as par with the world however, under the NPF led DAN Government, no progress has been made for the district. He said that given opportunity, Congress would work to provide good governance, development and progress through decentralisation, transparency, accountability and holistic economic upliftment. He urged the people of the District not to be confused any longer but to take a firm decision and give opportunity to the Congress in the district and state to salvage the future.

 Also addressing the meeting, Shaboh Konyak, Ex-MLA & Secy., NPCC, said 15 years of NPF led DAN misrule and infighting for leadership has exposed their selfish objectives instead of being concerned with delivering basic welfare amenities to the people. He challenged the gathering to give the Congress party under the leadership of President K. Therie, the opportunity to deliver the welfare schemes and amenities every citizen is entitled to.

 Jonathan Ao, Gen. Secy., NPCC, in his address said Congress is a secular party which respects all walks of life and different sections of society. Pointing out various instances of intolerance by BJP and its affiliates, he said Nagaland state itself is a good example of secularism from which teh nation has much to learn.

Adding that 15years misrule, constant power mongering and 4 leadership changes have taken its toll on the people of Nagaland, he said there is no future with either the NPF or the BJP as both are responsible for the current dismal state of affairs.

 Asserting that the choice lies with each voter, he appealed to all particularly the youth, to cast their votes consciously through answering the call of Clean Election, in favour of the Congress candidates to bring the change every citizen desires.


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