Beware- By Eating Bread you may get Cancer

New Delhi

Yes, by eating bread you may get cancer. We are not saying, this was revealed in a study carried out in Delhi recently. S0 if you are found of eating bread then be careful because you are giving invitation for dangerous disease like cancer.

According to survey carried out by  Centre of science and environment (CEASI), it is found that the person eating bread are also eating dangerous chemical that causes cancer. CEASI has given this report after checking the quality of bread in 38 big fast food points

When the research was taken out by CEASI it was found that it contains dangerous potassium  bromated and potassium iodate for making  bread.  This was found in the laboratory of  CEASI potassium monitoring.

Beware- By Eating Bread you may get Cancer

From the research it is found that there is a danger of having cancer, on the other hand with other it may lead to thyroid disease. According to the officials of  CEASI, ,  the brown bread samples were taken in Delhi.  84% of samples have been found with potassium Borate or potassium iodate which may lead to cancer.

According to the report it is found that in Bread, paw, ready to eat burger and ready to eat pizza are having the contains of chemicals that  are part of cancer.

It is evident that in the world many countries have banned potassium bromate and potassium iodate. But in India till now these are not banned. The result is that these dangerous chemicals are used while making bread in large quantity openly.


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