Assam: 71st Death anniversary of Bhimbor Deori observed

Govt. should be establish Bhimbor Deori Memorial University in Assam – Dr Paramananda Rajbongshi.


It’s dared to raised voiced for Jananeta Bhimbor Deori who saved Assam and NE from Inclusion of East Pakistan during the partition India. So we urged an university in the name of Bhimbor Deori soon said by Dr Paramananda Rajbongshi, president of Asom Sahitya Sabha at Jananeta Bhimbor Deori 71st Death anniversary celebration held on 30th November at Guwahati.

Dr Rajbongshi also delivered his speech on revive of Upper house in Assam and Dibrugarh Mohanbari Airport should be named after Bhimbor Deori immediately.

The president of Asom Sahitya Sabha also advocate that the written of Lokapriya Gopinatha Bordoloi about Jananeta Bhimbor Deori article should be also introduce in Assam govt schools textbook for recognition of Bhimbor Deoris contributions towards the Assam and India.

At the 71st Death anniversary of Bhimbor Deori organized by Jananeta Bhimbor Deori Memorial Celebration Committee also organized a seminar which was presided by noted writer Dr Anil Bharali. In the Seminar Dr Nogen Saikia former president of Asom Sahitya Sabha, writer Dr Ilias Ali, Dr Anjali Daimari, president of Boro Women Justice Forum, Dr Dayananda Borgohain, Chairman of APPS, Momota Mohilari, Vinod Nikal and Bipul Kr Deori were delivered valuable speech on Jananeta Bhimbor Deori and his glorious intellectual movement, role in fight for justice and equality etc.

The daylong programme was observe with book release, CD on Bhimbor Deori release sang by Zubeen Garg which is informed by Arindom Prince Panging, Atul Bharali in a press statment.

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