Apple Juice- Best Medicine for Dehydration

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A new research shows that…… Apple juice is the best medicine for dehydration.  Dehydration, the lack of water in the body is a serious problems. Some time it’s causes the death also.  This problem is becoming more common among children as their inability to explain their problems prevents an early remedy of dehydration. Therefore to replenish the water lost, they have to seek medication which is difficult for the poor to afford but research has made easy to deal with the problem dehydration.

According to the new research, apple juice is more beneficial than costly medication for children suffering from dehydration.  The research, carried out in Toronto was conducted on 65o children aged 6 months to  5 years who were admitted to hospital with complains of cholera and vomiting. The children were divided into 2 groups, one group was given apple juice and the other group was on expensive medication.


A week after discharge from the hospital, 9% of children that have taken conventional medicines had to revisit a doctor while only 2.5 % of children who consumed apple juice had to go back to a doctor. Moreover, the reduction in instances of vomiting and cholera among children from both the groups was nearly the same. This led researchers to the conclusion that Apple juice is a better substitute to conventional medicine for curing dehydration, vomiting and cholera in children aged 2 and above.

Prior to this research, there was a widely held belief that excessive sugar in diet promotes cholera but this research in which the volunteers were given apple juice, a sweet drink to cure cholera seems to provide evidence towards the contrary. Even with results from the research showing apple juice can be a cure for dehydration, the researchers have still advised those suffering from dehydration to seek immediate medical assistance rather than self medicating with apple juice as dehydration is a very complex problem.

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