Guwahati; three daylong Gopastami Mela concludes

The much awaited Gopastami mela in Guwahati is visited by approximately by two lakh of visitors from different walks’ of life irrespective of religion, caste and creed.


By Ravi Ajitsariya

The three daylong Gopastami Mela concluded on Sunday night with grand celebration. This was the 102nd celebration of the Gopastami, at Gauhati Gaushala which was established by members of the Marwari community way back in 1916.

Gopastami is celebrated on the eighth day after Deepawali by Hindu community. On the day, from time immemorial, Community members worship Cows, and offer them fodder and Jaggery (Gur) as a mark of their obeisance to ‘Go Mata’. The tradition is followed here also along with other part of the country, more especially the cow belt.

Guwahati; three daylong Gopastami Mela concludes

This year too, the Mela festivity commenced on October 27 with much fanfare here in the Gaushala premises.

The much awaited mela is visited by approximately by two lakh of visitors from different walks’ of life irrespective of religion, caste and creed.

 Apart from paying their obeisance to ‘Go Mata’ people not only from the commercial town but from other parts of the region participate in the three daylong festivities with great amount of enthusiasm.

Besides being decorated with colourful lighting the venue offers its visitors a multidimensional extravaganza from stalls of tasty, delicious and mouth watering delicacies, different types of cold drinks, ice creams, imitation jewelleries, kitchen wares and children items. The mela offers varied varieties of games and entertainment for the young ones.

The three daylong Gopastmi mela also offers a grand opportunity to the local craftsman and artisans to exhibit and sell their finished products to a huge crowd of visitors which mainly consists of women folks and children who come to buy their kitchen wares, items for the their day to day requirements like small farming and kitchen garden apparatus.

The Gaushala also sells a large variety of their own products such as GNP-M (Goumutra and Neem), organic micronutricni pest repellent for plants, mosquito repellents coil, vermin-compost and Gonyle- floor cleaners etc.

A host of Ministers, parliamentarians, MLAs, bureaucrats, senior administrative and police officers besides other who and who of the society and commoners visited this years Gopastami mela.

The event is a much awaited occasion for the people associated with Cow rearing and dairy farming and veterinarians.

Gauhati Gaushala has two venues one in the middle of the town at Athgaon and the other in the hills of Maligaon. Altogether both the venue accommodates a total number of 1499 Go Dhan (Cows). 

It is worth mentioning here that more than a century old Gauhati Gaushala is one among the best managed Gaushals of the Country.

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