72nd I-Day : Giant National Flags Unfurled in Assam, Gujrat

On the occasion of 72nd I-day giant size national flag unfurled in Assam and Gujrat. in Assam 3.5 km and in Gujrat 1100 feet long flag unfurled .


in Assam- Today morning about 2000 people including students of Uparkhuti village in Assam’s Baksa District gathered around the village chowk to carry out a procession featuring a 3.5 km long Indian flag, stitched by 6 local tailors. The idea, which was conceived by the Sunrise Youth Club, aims to show that “things have changed around the region.” “We never hoisted flags nor did we celebrate Independence Day before “We just want to say that we are living in peace now”,  says club’s officials.

The cotton flag was made by 45 members of the club, stitched by eight tailors who did not charge any money for their labour and supported the Baksa district administration besides local politicians,

72nd I-Day : Giant National Flags Unfurled in Assam, Gujrat

in Gujrat- an  1,100 feet-long, 9 feet-wide national flag was unfurled with thousands of people taking part in a 5 km-long ‘Shaan-e-Tiranga’ rally, organised by the Agrawal Vikas Trust. The idea behind the rally was to deliver the message that nationalism was greater than any religion as people from various religious communities came together to take part in it.

This was the biggest ‘Tiranga Yatra’ organised in Gujarat so far. The flag was made from a 5,000 meter-long cloth, and it took 12 days for 200 people to produce the flag.


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