Aruanchal Journalists Constitute Fact-Checking Committee for Fake News

Itanagar-  Journalists of Arunachal Pradesh  constituted a six-member Fact-Checking Committee (FCC) with a objectives to fact-check and verify information and events being published or telecasted by digital media or in social media-based news blogs/newspapers/websites, etc.

The members of FCC team are , Dodum Yangfo, APC President,  Taya Bagang, IJU NEC member Arunachal, Damien Lepcha, The APUWJ,s Auditor, Mukul Pathak, Former AEDMA President, Nellie Manpoong, APUWJ Gender Council Convenor, and Appu Gapak, APUWJ treasurer.

The decision for constitution of FCC has been taken  in a meeting of the executive members of the APUWJ, the AEDMA, and the APC and  advisory board, which was held on Saturday and  convened by the APUWJ president Amar Sangno.

The responsibilities  of the committee are to verify the contents of news that maybe potentially misleading and check the factual accuracy.

The committee may initiate “suo moto” action against media outlets based on the severity/sensitivity of the news content.

It was also decided that the fact-checking exercise will be completed within two days to a week’s time after it comes to the attention of the committee.

However, the committee will not act as a regulatory body and fact-checking will be conducted only as and when complaints are received against any suspicious news content that is ublished/ broadcasted by traditional news outlets.

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The FCC will check news content published/broadcasted by only those media houses/blogs/ digital/social media-based news channels registered with the APUWJ, AEDMA, and APC.

APUWJ, President, Amar Sangno opined that it has become necessary to constitute a fact-checking unit to counter fake/ one-sided story / unverified news content in this fast-paced social media-driven world.

Sango underlined that it is essential for any media house, to ensure that readers/viewers have access to the right information not marred by personal opinions, biases, and agenda.

Furthermore, Sangno reminded journalists that whatever report they make should be factual and correct and not one-sided.

APUWJ GS Ranju Dodum opined that while APC and APUWJ cannot regulate or stop the fake content from spreading, he pointed out that fact-checking within media houses will help curb misinformation or unverified news content in addition to generating awareness on responsible journalism.

Dodum hoped that the formation of the FCC would help in building a renewed sense of responsibility among media outlets in curtailing unverified news and foster credibility.

 To clear the confusion of readers and viewers, the media bodies had decided to publish the list of media houses and working journalists who registered/associated with the three organisations soon.


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