Assam: BJP MLA Terash Gowalla resigns

First-time BJP MLA Terash Gowalla on Tuesday  resigned from assembly and sent his resignation letter to CM Sarbananda ,Sonowal.


By Anil Poddar 

First-time BJP MLA Terash Gowalla on Tuesday  resigned from assembly and sent his resignation letter from the Assam Assembly to Chief Minister Sarbananda Sonowal.

Gowalla  is first time MLA from Duliajan constituency said to the media ‘he has sent his letter to Sonowal on Monday night’. A BJP leader also confirmed  about the resignation of Terash Gowalla.

Asked about the reasons for resigning from the house, Gowalla said, “There are various issues. I am not able to fulfill my duties as MLA. So, taking the moral responsibility, I am resigning from the Assembly.”

When pointed out that the issue of not offering him any post, particularly in Assam Gas Company Ltd (AGCL), during the recent appointments, Gowalla said, “That is one reason.

The AGCL is in Duliajan and people elected me as their representative. They had some expectations from me. However, without consulting me, the appointment in the company was made. I am not saying that you (government) give me the post, but at least I should have been consulted.”

Asked if there was any possibility of withdrawing the resignation under party pressure, Gowalla said, “I have informed the issues to the CM. If I get a satisfactory answer, I may reconsider it.”

Gowalla told mefia ‘ he has not sent the letter to the Speaker, Hitendra Nath Goswami, which he will be doing after consulting the people of his constituency’.

At present, the BJP  has 61 representatives in the 126-member Assembly.

Sonwal on Monday appointed various persons, including politicians from the BJP, AGP and BPF, as chairman, vice chairman and directors of 40 government-run bodies.

This included appointment of Sadiya MLA Bolin Chetia as chairperson and Indra Gogoi as the vice chairperson of Assam Gas Company Ltd.


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