Assam: Form eco club to promote environmental studies- DC Hailakandi

Keerthi Jalli, DC, Hailakandi has asked the heads of high and higher secondary schools and colleges to form an eco club to promote environmental studies…….


The Hailakandi district administration is planning to set up an Eco Club to create awareness on environmental issues and work towards conserving the environment and Mother Nature under constant threat of environmental degradation.

Spearheading the initiative, Deputy Commissioner Keerthi Jalli has asked the heads of high and higher secondary schools and colleges, including private ones to pitch in their efforts to form an eco club to promote environmental studies, participate in plantation drives and organise other activities leading to a green and clean Hailakandi.

“Through this eco club, students will be sensitised towards the preservation of environment with the help of interesting activities beyond the constraints of classroom and curriculum,” said Jalli.

To inculcate love and respect of nature and its resources among the students, Jalli suggested to the head of public and private educational institutions to organise activities for better understanding of environmental concerns vis-a-vis instilling conservation of water by minimising its use in everyday habits, plantation drives, work towards recycling of plastics and say no to single use plastics, the study and conservation of local flora and fauna, including cataloguing of rich aviary found in the district and group activities for providing local solutions to keep the surroundings green and clean, as well as constructing rainwater harvesting pit in schools and in households.

Jalli also suggested taking up activities that help the students to develop a lifestyle centred around minimal consumerism and recycle, reuse and reduce practices.

The Deputy Commissioner also welcomed suggestions from the young minds to help identify and solve environmental problems and conserve the planet for posterity. “These are small steps that teachers can help children to take up at their own level, while the administration will also help by providing support, wherever required,” said Jalli, adding that beginning the activity with children would also help sensitise adults through them more easily.


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