Assam: Graffiti to beautify Guwahati flyovers, Minister Ashok Singhal

GUWAHATI-   Assam minister Ashok Singhal on Sunday said plans are on to beautify parapets and pillars of flyovers in Guwahati, the state’s largest city, with colorful graffiti. The existing flyovers, as well as new ones, will be covered under this initiative for enhancing the visual appeal of the city, he said.

The graffiti will be put up to dissuade people from defacing the structures. Talking to PTI, Singhal said, “We have two three proposals already in hand for this initiative. We will start work on it very soon.”

As there are about eight to ten flyovers in the city at the moment, including some under construction ones, a theme can be chosen for each one, the Guwahati Development and Urban Development (including Town and Country Planning) minister said.

He added that the proposals are under consideration, without revealing further details.

At present, there are wall paintings and graffiti on the walls of a few flyovers in the city, but they have not been done in a coordinated manner.

While the artwork on some structures has been commissioned by the government, graffiti artists on their own have put up their work on some flyovers. The minister also tweeted about this initiative on Sunday, mentioning “Something like this is on discussion table”.

He was responding to a tweet of a Chandigarh -based journalist from Guwahati suggesting graffiti on flyovers like a similar artwork near Pitampura Metro Station in New Delhi on Olympic medal winners from India. The scribe also proposed that graffiti can be put up not only in Guwahati but also on state highways.


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