Assam-Mizoram border incident: Section 144 promulgated in Hailakandi

HAILAKANDI-  Section 144 Cr.PC has been promulgated following the incident at Jhalnacherra area under Ramnathpur Police Station bordering Assam-Mizoram inter-state border.

On Tuesday, miscreants torched several houses at Kachurthol in which some persons sustained injuries. Security has been beefed up to deal with the situation. Senior officials of the civil and police administrations are camping there to defuse the situation. The situation is tense but under control.

Local MLA, Katlicherra, Suzamuddin Laskar in memoranda to the Chief Minister and the DGP on Wednesday, has urged them to take immediate steps to instill security among the people living along the border areas from armed aggression from neighbouring state.

The MLA pointed out that around 30 persons have been seriously wounded and about 50 houses burnt down by miscreants from neighbouring state on Tuesday.

It may be mentioned that Muliala LP School at Kachurthol was bombed by miscreants on February 3 last.

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Apprehending further breach of public peace and tranquility in the border areas under Ramnathpur Police Station following the incident on Tuesday, Additional District Magistrate, RK Dam clamped Section 144 with immediate effect.

“Certain elements may take advantage of the present fragile situation to create disturbance in public order and destroy the harmonious co-existence of all sections of society in the district,” stated the order.

The order prohibits obstruction, picketing and procession in front of offices, public institutions, public roads, public places, public undertakings, commercial establishments or any other places of public importance by forming an assembly of five or more persons or indulging in any other

activity which may disturb public peace.

Carrying fire arms, weapons or explosive substance of any nature which may cause injury or

threat to people and throwing of fire crackers in public places, roads, bus stations, railway stations which may cause breach of peace and tranquility  have been banned. Holding of public meetings, rallies, procession and staging dharna in any public place without permission from the appropriate authorities have been prohibited.

Shouting of slogans, writing and postering on walls, roads or public or private buildings, vehicles, etc have also been banned.

Inflammatory or communal speeches, banner, posters, wall writing etc and use of loud speakers and unauthorised construction, encroachment in forest areas or government land have been prohibited.

The order exempts police, paramilitary and Army personnel from the purview of the order.

“Any violation of the order will result in prosecution as per provIsions of the Indian Penal Code, ” the order stated.


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