Assam: Nagarik Committee meetings to promote peace and communal harmony 


Nagarik Committee meetings were held at Hailakandi, Lala, Katlicherra and Algapur Circles in Assam  to promote peace and communal harmony.

Deputy Commissioner, Hailakandi, Adil Khan said that peace and harmony among different communities is a prerequisite for development to take place. He underscored the need for peace, harmony, tolerance and brotherhood among all communities for society to prosper.
“I am happy to see that the people of Hailakandi district are peace loving by nature. They have been living in peaceful co-existence, irrespective of caste, creed or religion,” he said, adding, “We must build a supportive society that sincerely and genuinely promotes peace and harmony.”
“Peace and development must go hand in hand. We cannot achieve sustainable development where there is no peace and stability, as conflict and violence act as stumbling blocks to achieving them. We must therefore all strive to maintain peace and harmony as they are the keys to achieving any kind of sustainable development”, he said.
Khan warned that anti-social elements who are spreading hatred through social media would be dealt with severely. “The police is monitoring objectionable posts on social media and anyone found guilty will not be spared,” he cautioned.
Khan said that anyone found fomenting trouble or indulging in unlawful activities like road blockade or causing obstacle to developmental activities would have to face the music. “There are a handful of miscreants and anti-social elements who create troubles due to which the common innocent people have to suffer. A miscreant is a miscreant; he has no religion,. After all, no religion preaches hatred or violence. All religions spread love, peace and universal brotherhood”‘ he added. In the same vein, Khan sought the support and cooperation of the citizens in dissuading those indulging in unlawful acts.
On the NRC updation exercise, Khan said, ” The process is being monitored and supervised by the Hon’ble Supreme Court. It’s a fair process. Genuine citizens should not worry as they will get ample opportunities to include their names in the NRC.”
The Deputy Commissioner also interacted with the members of the nagarik committees and discussed civic and other issues. Khan sought the support and cooperation of the committee members and all segments of society to take the district along the high road to glory and prosperity.
The meetings, were attended, by prominent citizens, representatives of political parties, Krishak Mukti Sangram Samiti, other civil organisations, Circle Officers, DSP and OCs of police stations.


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