Assam- Prompt action by patrolmen prevents elephant dashing



The prompt action by railway patrolmen prevented an  imminent case of elephant dashing between Jugijan and Hojai stations of Lumding Division of NFR on Tuesday night. when a group of patrolmen from railway and forest department spotted a herd of about 73 elephant in the vicinity of railway track , at that time 15933 DN Dibrugarh – Amritsar Express was approaching that area.

On duty railway and forest staff immediately informed and signalled the Loco Pilot  D.C. Dutta and Asst Loco Pilot R. Sharma of that train to stop the train. As a result the train could be controlled and the entire herd of about 73 elephant was allowed to cross over the railway track.

After that the train started its journey again. Thus an imminent elephant dashing case could be avoided due to timely action and close coordination amongst forest and railway officials. The same herd again crossed over the railway track at about 05-17 am on the morning of 6th December.

The area falls under the jurisdiction of DFO Hojai. There have been similar cases in the recent past also where elephant dashing could be avoided upon receive of timely information.

It may be mentioned here that railway authority has been issuing temporary speed restrictions and caution order as and when intimation on elephant movement are received from on duty railway or forest officials. Permanent speed restrictions are also imposed on notified elephant corridors.



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