Assam: Section 144 clamped in Hailakandi, No prayer outside places of worship

As a precautionary measures district administration imposed Section 144 in Hailakandi district and prohibited offering prayer outside places of worship. 


In view of reports that some anti-social elements, groups and organisations are trying to whip up religious sentiments through various means to create division in society, the Hailakandi district administration has imposed Section 144 with immediate effect.

In an order issued to this effect on Thursday, District Magistrate Keerthi Jalli said Section 144 has been promulgated with immediate effect as the administration has got reports that certain anti-social elements, vested groups and organisations are trying to flare-up religious sentiments through various means to disturb peace and tranquility in the district.

The order strictly prohibits the offering of prayer outside the demarcated boundary of mosque, temple, church, namghar and mazaar, on roads and in any public places that may create inconvenience to the general public and obstruct movement of traffic.

Any violation of the order will result in prosecution as per provisions of IPC.

The order will remain in force under further order.


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