Assam: Webinars with stalwarts held at Royal Global University

GUWAHATI: In two different webinars held for new batch of PG students at Royal Global University, Dr.Dharmendra Singh, CFP,CFA, Associate-Life, UGC-NET, from Modern College of Business and Science, Sultanate of Oman addressed the students on ‘Bibliometric Analysis’ and Maj. Gen. Sanjay Soi (Retd) addressed on ‘Leadership Career Prospects” on 18 December 2020. They were joined in their deliberations by Prof.(Dr.) S.P.Singh, Vice Chancellor, Deans, along with  faculty  and students.

Prof.(Dr.) S.P.Singh, reminiscing his previous association with Dr.Dharmendra Singh, evoked the importance of pursuing research for the welfare of a nation; and how can bibliometric analysis help research students as a statistical evaluation of published scientific articles, books, or the chapters of a book, and it being an effectual way to measure the influence of publication in the scientific community.

He enthused on Dr.Dharmendra Singh’s journey from a student to a faculty under his tutelage. He believed that the deliberation will assist the PG students when they pursue Ph.D. Dr.Dharmendra Singh, speaking on Bibliometric Analysis for the future Ph.D scholars seated in the webinar, spoke on the learning outcomes; requirements of bibliometric analysis; types of literature reviews; literature reviews; why narrative reviews are less scientific; what is a systematic review; steps in a systematic review; bibliometric analysis; systematic literature review & bibliometric review-online database; scopus and its importance; types of bibliometric free software(accepting scopus data)types of bibliometric publications; types of analysis in a bibliometric paper; citations based relations between documents; sample of journals: accept systematic literature reviews and interpretation of visualization networks.

Maj. Soi, an army veteran, spoke on qualities of a leader whose characteristic traits of excellance of being a habit and not an art; to be pro-active because success and failure is part and parcel in making of a leader; problems are external but solutions are internal; reactive and pro-active language; to make an attempt in life; professional knowledge being sacrosanct; impartial decision making; moral and physical courage; loyalty and empathy as per  organizational requirement; discipline and most importantly camaraderie.


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