Assam: Adil Hussain Wins Amanda Award, Dedicates it to Goalpara

Actor Adil Hussain wins Amanda Award of Norway for best Actor and dedicates it to Goalpara of Assam.


Actor Adil Hussain has received the Best Actor award at the Amanda Awards, the top national film honour in Norway.

Hussain received the award for the film What Will People Say made by Norwegian-Pakistani filmmaker Iram Haq. The film is set in Pakistan and Norway and traces how a Pakistani immigrant family deals with its teenage daughter’s affair with a local boy in Norway.

Reacting to the honour, Hussain said the award was for all those who believe that art can break boundaries.

“Grateful to have received the Amanda Awards/Norwegian National Awards for Best Actor in a leading role for What Will People Say. Brilliantly directed by Iram Haq.

This award is for Goalpara (in Assam) for all those who believe that art can break all boundaries of all kinds,” Hussain said in a social media post.

The 55-year-old actor was born in the Goalpara, he left home when he was 18 and started off his acting career with a mobile theatre group.

Hussain had earlier bagged the Kanon Award at the Kosmorama film festival in Norway. The 54-year-old actor was adjudged the best actor at the festival for his role in the film.


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