Assam: State-run madrasas will be converted into general schools- Himanta

Guwahati- Assam government is planning to disband the madras board and will convert all the state-run madrasas into a general school,  disclosed Assam Education Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma on Saturday.

Speaking to the media, the minister said, “We will disband the madrasa board. We will withdraw the notification granting equivalence to madrasa education and general education and we will convert all the state-run madrasas into a general school.

Sarma further added that the state government has no intention of closing the private madrasas of Assam. “We’re bringing regulation and pupils need to be clearly told why they’re in madrasa. The madrasas have to introduce science-maths subjects in curriculum. They also have to register with state, constitutional mandate to be respected but can retain character of madrasa at the same time,” added Sarma.

In his previous announcement, Sarma said that in order to bring uniformity, teaching ‘Quran’ at the cost of government exchequer could not be allowed to go on, as then provisions would be needed to made for religious education of other communities too.

Elaborating on the topic, Sarma said that the degree given in large numbers by the aforementioned Madrasas are creating a crisis in the job market too.

In Assam, there are total 614 recognised madrasas, amongst which 57 for girls, three for boys and 554 co-educational – and 17 are Urdu medium.

Sarma’s announcement was was met with criticism from All India United Democratic Front chief Badruddin Ajmal. He said that if the BJP-led government decides to close down government-run madrasas, his party would start them again after coming to power in the 2021 Assembly elections.


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