Assam: Track Renewal works being done using Quick Relaying System in NF Railway

GUWAHATI-   NF. Railway is executing Track Renewal work with the help of Quick Relaying System (PQRS) which is a process through which the track including sleeper and rail are laid on the railway formation with the help of machine by replacing old rail and sleepers.

The PQRS is a semi-mechanized system of track renewal consisting of self propelled cranes capable of moving on auxiliary track of 3400 mm gauge. This system is being used in all the five divisions of N. F. Railway for speedy track replacement works.

In N. F. Railway, total 37 Km of track was replaced by using Quick Relaying System in year 2020-21. It is planned to lay 110 Km of track through this process in the year 2021-22; out of which 51 Km has already been laid till date. In New Jalpaiguri – Malda Town section of Katihar division, more than 24 Km of track renewal works has been completed using this system in 2021-22. Alipurduar division of N. F. Railway achieved highest track renewal through PQRS of 46 panels (0.524 Km) in 4 hours block time during this month surpassing earlier achievement of 42 panels.

The process of laying of track with the help of PQRS system save time required for laying of track and good quality work can be achieved in the least possible time with minimal effect of normal train movement. It also facilitates the increased in speed of train running as quality work can be achieved.


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