ASTC Launches Chalo- Live Bus Tracking App with Live Location

The Chalo app empowers commuters in Guwahati to,  Know the live arrival time of their bus so they plan their travel accordingly….


Chandra Mohan Patowary, Minister Transport Minister,  Government of Assam on Friday launched the Assam State Transport Corporation’s (ASTC) “Chalo App” for Guwahati.

The Chalo app empowers commuters in Guwahati to,  Know the live arrival time of their bus so they plan their travel accordingly,  Track the live GPS position of their bus on a map,  Plan their trip door-to-door using a multi-modal trip planner, Find the cheapest and fastest trip options, including all the bus route options to their destination, Buy a mobile bus pass directly through the app, which means no waiting in queues at pass counters, and Travel safely with features such as Emergency SOS

This project includes the introduction of electronic ticketing in ASTC buses with the latest generation of cutting-edge Electronic Ticket Issuing Machines (ETIMs) which can accept all modes of payment, including cards, mobile payments, QR code payments and other forms of digital payments. Passengers will be able to buy a mobile pass or a ticket through the Chalo app, and then simply show their pass or ticket on their mobile phone to the conductor to travel, making the entire experience hassle-free and convenient. All these solutions will be integrated together under a common technology platform known as an Automated Fare Collection System (AFCS).

Chandra Mohan Patowary also unveiled a one-of-a-kind transport map for the ASTC bus network in Guwahati that has been developed by Chalo. The transport map will allow commuters to find all possible bus routes from any stop to any another stop on the entire network at a single glance. Such maps, which are commonly found in the world’s best metro systems will be installed at several key bus stops across Guwahati. Chalo has also teamed up with ASTC to install bus stop poles across the city where bus stops have not been previously marked. The poles will not only point commuters to the location of the stop but will also indicate the buses that will stop there in order to help bus commuters further.

“This is an ambitious project for us. The first phase will cover 250 city buses, and in a few months’ time, Assam will be the first state in the country to have a state-wide smart transport solution and common mobility card for its commuters.

We are investing in technology that will help make public transport more convenient for commuters. Building smart cities starts by encouraging more people to take public transport. With this project, we want to do exactly that and make a positive impact on the quality of life in the state.”, Mr. Anand Prakash Tiwari, MD ASTC said.

To increase convenience to passengers and to make bus travel more cost effective, ASTC has also introduced for the first time monthly passes that can be purchased on the Chalo app. These passes are available at Rs.450 per month for ordinary buses and Rs.900 per month for AC buses. The pass allows daily commuters to save money, entitles them to unlimited travel and offers the convenience of not having to buy a ticket for each trip.

ASTC has also announced concessions for commuters belonging to the following categories which will be effective two weeks from now:

Bus Pass-      30%  Concession for Boys students, 35% for Girls students , for Senior Citizens (Above 60 years of Age) the concession is 50%,  and  Physically Challenged, Freedom Fighters will get 100% concession while for Media person the concession is 80%.

Residents of Guwahati can experience the Chalo app right away by downloading it free from the Google Play Store. The service will also be rolled out to other cities and towns in Assam soon.


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