China’s intrusion in Arunachal Pradesh, BJP MP share Video

Tapir Gao shared in his timeline share a video of China’s intrusion in Anjaw dist of Arunachal Pradesh, where they constructed wooden bridge over a Nallah.


Once again intrusion of Chinese army has been reported in Arunachal Pradesh.  This time Chinese army entered  Indian territory in Anjaw district of Arunachal Pradesh and constructed a wooden bridge over Doimru Nalllah. This was disclosed by Tapir Gao, the member of parliament from Easter Arunachal Pradesh parliamentary constituency and also the state president of BJP, Arunachal Pradesh.

Tapir Gao shared a video in his timeline. When Arunachal24 contacted him over telephone for comments , Gao informed that this Video clip has been recorded by a BJP worker during the month of August-2019 when he went  for patrolling in the area with India Army soldiers.


Tapir Gao wrote in his time line The log wooden bridge constructed in the month of Auguest 2019 by Chinese Army over Doimru Nallah inside Indian Territory near Chaglagam ( Militarily called “Fish Tail”) in Anjaw Dist of Arunachal Pradesh” .

It must be mentioned here that “during the October 2018, About 10  Chinese troops entered approximately 14 km inside India, near the  banks of Mathu and Emra rivers in Dibang Valley, where they setup their tent and stayed for a few hours and then went back. They also hired Indian porters and the photographs have been clicked by one of those porters.


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