Dingi Puja organised in Coochbehar  


A Mansa Devi temple is located in the AOR of BOP Chengmari under sector Coochbehar, frontier – Guwahati. Every year Chengmari Barowari Puja Committee organises a two day mela popularly  known as Dingi Puja in Coochbehar  as per the Bengali Calendar. This year, on Dated 04 Nov 2017 day long Mela  organised  and approximate two thousand devotees visited to pay obeisance to Goddess.


Chand Soudagar, a prominent businessmen during the rule of Koch  Kings used the Kaljani River flowing through the area for business. Once he refused to pay obeisance to Mansa Mata (a reincarnation of Goddess Durga) and after a few days his seven sons drowned as their boat capsized in the area. It is said that the remains of the boat and its chain was found in the area later.

From then there was this belief that if Mansa Devi Mata was not worshiped it would ruin lives of the non-believer. Since them this place was worshiped in the name of the Goddess.

However there was no structure there. About 17 years back one devotee from Alipurduar came to the place and prayed for resolution of his personal problems. Soon he got the results and erected a temporary structure of CGI sheets and this became sort of temple for the devotees. In 2016, local Govt erected a concrete temple in the area.


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