Lady SI Carries Homeless Man’s Body after local villagers refused to come forward

ANDHRA PRADESH-   A  woman police sub-inspector from Srikakulam district for carrying the dead body of a homeless old man for more than a kilometer, after local villagers refused to come forward to touch or help carry the body.


According to reports, Kasibugga police received information about the death of an unknown person in the farm fields in Adavi Kotturu at Sampangi Puram, Kasibugga-Palasa area on Monday morning.

Sub-inspector Kotturu Sirisha  reached the place along with constables. She said that since it was difficult to get the body to the vehicle as it was located in the farms, she requested villagers to help but  they refused.

Taking initiative the lady SI came forward and carried the dead body with the help of Lalita Charitable Trust member  in a makeshift  stretcher. She took the body to her vehicle parked one kilometer away from the spot in half an hour and this was captured on camera by a local.

After seeing her carrying the dead body, few villagers came forward and extended help.

The video is now going viral and netizens are hailing  the timely work done by a woman police officer from Andhra Pradesh to ensure that the homeless man is given dignity and respectful last rites.

Apparently there was nothing suspicious about the death of the man who seemed to be a beggar, and he might have passed away due to starvation.


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